Boudewijn De Graeve

Boudewijn A O De Graeve Gent, Belgium 01.01.1945
Conceptor SocietalSystem ( StS )

Personal Own-Domain Site+Set
Sites, fully mastered by their domain owner, without any external interference,
choosing freely objects and frequencies of connections with other Own-Domains,
with the owners exclusively in charge of possible commercial exploitation of their site.


Synoptic Professional CV
Visited World Countries and Regions
Remarkable People Personnally Met

Boudewijn's Societal Services, SocietalSystem-related, include:
Coaching Societal Transition Plans for Geo-Territories, Public Institutions, Enterprises and NGOs
Coaching StS-Master Training Courses - Coaching Crowd-Research Sessions - Coaching Societal Street Surveys
Coaching Societal Crowd-Deliberation and (S)Elections Sessions
Coaching Construction of Professional 3D Information Systems for SMBs and NGOs
Coaching the construction of one or a series of Personal or Entities Own-Domain Sites + Sets, possibly SocietalSystem-connected.
Proactively propose and negotiate partnerships for StS-Entities, Sectors and Projects,
as mentioned on the homepage.

You also can coach StS-related initiatives and events, propose and negotiate StS-Partnerships
and so build-up a substantial ( extra ) income, possibly obtain a leading function in SocietalSystem.

Interested ? Send your references to

Boudewijn's Societal Agenda

Boudewijn's Personal Applications of selected modulable StS-Documents

Boudewijn's Interaction and Deliberation Platform with other Own-Domain driving People and Entities
Possibly using related modulable StS-Documents and linked to related StS-Sites

Boudewijn's Recommended Entities, Products, Services and Events.

Boudewijn is currently looking for a rural place with accommodation facilities for 15 - 30 people,
to create a societal reengineering thinktank, featuring weeks to months programs.
Portugal, Alentejo region, seems an optimum area, but other places can fit as well, coordinated by other people,
still within a network of similar principles and project options.

Partnering people and entities will share in the management and income of the projected  societalsystem-entities.
Any suggestion or proposal warmly welcome !



Date: 14.10.2018
Boudewijn De Graeve